mare kelpman tekstiilistuudio OÜ (Mare Kelpman Textile Studio Ltd) started its activities in 2010. Under the “kelpman textile” brand, the studio offers a large variety of limited edition interior and garment accessories and unique solutions for interior textiles.
Mare Kelpman is a textile designer and lecturer whose work has received several prizes in Estonia and Japan.

“For me, most important are high quality, long-lasting materials, small and unique editions and the use of local European producers. This way I can contribute to the promotion of approaches oriented towards minimizing overproduction and overconsumption and help encourage local producers, otherwise the decline of the textile industry will inevitably bring about the loss of unique skills. Producing textiles is like bread making, you have to take care of the leaven.”

“When I design my collections I play with materials and technologies using the new and innovative as well as old techniques in an unexpected key, for example reserve-fulling, dying with rust, creating luminous textile surfaces or reviving archaic embroidery patterns through laser technology. Each collection contains a small surprise – textile leaves meandering like plant stalks, tablecloth embroidered using laser cutting technology, weaving with a touch of the vintage to bring back a sense of childhood security.

The studio is open to clients for cooperation within the framework of special projects.